Elderly Care – Tips And Guide For UK Seniors

Reduced mobility is an unfortunate reality in the lives of many seniors. Exercise for seniors is more important than it is for other demographics. Not only do the elderly have to worry about other health complications, there is also issues of reduced mobility. In fact, the number one way to fight for your mobility is through exercise (and a healthy lifestyle). By following these tips you will be living a healthier lifestyle, and may even find yourself with increased mobility.

1. Always talk to your doctor, or a certified physiotherapist before beginning any regular physical activity.
The worst thing you can do is injure yourself more, and the easiest way you can do this is by doing exercises you’re not ready for, or doing them improperly. You can protect yourself from injury, and get the most out of your exercises, by talking to a doctor or certified physiotherapist.

2. Go for a swim
Swimming is a great form of exercise for seniors, as it lets you work out at your own level. You can choose to exercise some muscles and try to avoid others. Swimming can both be a cardiovascular exercise, or a muscle-training exercise. Just remember to work at your own pace. If you are having disability, then taking shower is a real concern. Many elderly people need a good shower chairs for assistance. We may discuss later how you can choose the right shower chair for senior citizen.

3. Try tai chi
Not only tai chi great ways to increase mobility, but they can also be a great way to get a work out, too. These thousands-of-years-old techniques can help your overall health, from dexterity to respiration, energy levels to flexibility. Many community centers offer yoga classes specifically for seniors, too.

4. Try Chairdancing
Chairdancing offers a series of exercises that can be performed while sitting. These sites offer instructional DVDs that you can follow along with, at your own pace. Chairdancing is only available in Canada and the United States.

5. Buy a Flexiciser
Like chairdancing, Flexiciser is another product for the mobility challenged. However, Flexiciser is more than just instructional videos, they’re exercise machines with every element designed for people with limited mobility. The prices are pretty steep though, with their standard model selling for USD $4899.

6. Try a Flexiciser
Many phyisotherapy companies have Flexicisers, and if you booked time with a physiotherapist you would be allowed to use their Flexiciser. The bonus of this is you also get the supervision of a physiotherapist, so you would be exercising to your full potential.

7. Go to a physiotherapist
Even if your physiotherapist doesn’t have a Flexiciser, they can tailor exercises specifically to you. Your physiotherapist can teach you techniques that you can use on your own, or you can continue going to physio to get the assistance you may need.

8. Try wall push-ups

Stand away from the walls so that when your arms are fully extended, you will be standing straight up. Then lean towards the wall slowly and in control, then slowly push away so you’re standing straight up again. Try to do this in two series, 8-10 times for each series.

This exercise for seniors should not be painful at all. If you are feeling any pain whatsoever, stop. You can try this exercise with you closer to the wall, and slowly stepping back until your arms length away.

9. Weight training
Try lifting weights. Whatever weight you’re working with should allow you to do 15 reps, but not many more. There are lots of weight exercises that you should be able to out about easily, either online or by a physiotherapist, or another trusted source.

10. Eat Healthy!

No healthy lifestyle is complete without a healthy diet. Even a five-thousand dollar Flexiciser can only go so far to helping you stay fit without having a healthy diet.

Bonus! 11. Stay Fit

Getting fit is a lot harder than staying fit. If you are fit take advantage of it and follow the above tips and stay fit. If you aren’t fit keep motivated and get yourself in healthy condition. Once you are in good condition it’ll be a lot easier to stay there. So now you have something else to look forward too with rewarding exercise for seniors!

Shower Chairs For Disability

Another thing to think about is the portability of the shower seat. A shower chair is designed and functioned simply as a chair on which its users can have a seat during the shower. Many shower chairs also double as commode chairs. If help is needed for bathing, showering may offer the possibility of washing independently once again. Do you need to install a permanent shower seat? For more on shower chairs in UK then read this guide.

  • By sitting in a safe chair, it minimizes their risk of injury, painful movement as well as falling over the wet floor.
  • In this case, they have a cut-away or removable section in the base of the seat and the whole unit may be fitted with a commode pan or placed above a toilet.
  • Taking a shower can also reduce the risk of injuring a carer’s back as it can avoid the need to help the bather to transfer in and out of a low bath.
  • Or, you only need a folding shower seat that you can easily put aside when not needed?
  • This device is highly helpful and beneficial for physically-limited persons, especially those with disabilities.

Since many people who may require assistance or support when bathing might also benefit from a user-friendly commode or a supportive toilet frame, buying such a multi-function chair can often enable customers to make an appreciable saving. You may have an equipment demonstration centre near you where you can visit to view and try out ranges of equipment. Then again, there is a shower chair with wheels, for easy moving from room to room. This sliding transfer bench and bath chair for elderly adults allows safe and easy movement out of the shower or tub. One of the main points of a chair for disabled showers is comfort.

Shower or bathtub seats and chairs provide a feeling of security for so many people when getting into the shower with the ability to sit instead of standing. Whichever model you choose, just pick the one that would be sturdy and safe for your loved one. With padding on the back, seat, and arm supports, it’s comfortable, slip-resistant, and easy to clean. If your chair doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be comfortable! To give you an idea of what type of shower seats are available, below are a few of the best to consider for you or your loved one followed by four other brands that are unique and worth considering.

A roll-in shower is very important to me, though I can make do with a tub. The bright blue design means people with vision impairment can easily locate the chair and bench, and the swiveling seat and pivoting armrests provide greater ease of access for those with mobility issues. Ensure you test out the width, height and depth so it suits you or a loved one. I absolutely must have a shower seat and handheld sprayer. This

Adjustable shower chairs are available. Many hotels will claim they have an accessible room, yet do not have any shower chairs, or their shower chair is small and/or unstable and unsafe to use. Also, be sure to check for extra comfort options like an ergonomic design or waterproof cushions. It’s also far too common for them to only have a standard shower sprayer and no handheld.

Elderly Tips And Care
The health and wellbeing of our friends and family is of paramount importance to us and therefore choosing elderly care can be a tough decision to make. If your elders would be home alone or living by themselves, find ways to keep track of them. If caring for elderly parents becomes too much for you to handle, especially as the health and needs of your parent change, you may need to seek different arrangements. There is no money for assisted living, even if your mother would agree to it. Looking after ourselves and our loved ones are lifelong tasks; but tasks that can become increasingly challenging with age.

A mobile phone could do the trick if they are technologically savvy. Being prepared, yet flexible and giving will help you to create a loving atmosphere where your parents’ needs are met in the best way possible. Someone needs to step up, to see what can be done, to make decisions, to find some help, or even to live with your Mom to keep her as safe and healthy as possible. Maintaining a good quality of life is the key factor; but identifying how to do this is not always straight forward. A call every few hours would put you at rest. You could also make use of motion sensors to keep tabs on them.

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