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Slow cookers

One of the most useful appliance in the kitchen is a slow cooker. Most people also call it as a crock pot. There are a lot of recipes that calls for slow cooking and it turns out to be delicious and also nutritious. A slow cooker allows you to prepare the ingredients of a meal of the early part of the day before you go to work then it can be left unattended and whenever you come back 6 to 8 hours later, there’ll be a hot and delicious meal ready for the whole family. If you want to buy top slow cookers in UK then read this complete guide.

One of the benefit in slow cooking is that the ingredients are cooked in a low temperature for a longer period of time making the meat and the vegetables tender and juicy. Because the cooker is a sealed appliance, the meal will not dry out and also retains the juices making it delicious and also nutritious. An advantage of a slow cooker as compared to a regular stove is that it doesn’t need supervision and the phrase “set it and forget it” applies making it one of the safest kitchen appliance around.

There are a lot of slow cookers on the market today and one of the higher quality brands is the All Clad Slow Cooker. They have a 6 1/2 quart all stainless steel slow cooker with an integrated control panel which features three temperature settings, 26 hour programmable timer; a black ceramic inner pot with a glass lid; stainless steel riveted handles and a stainless steel housing. This all clad slow cooker is perfect for pot roasts, casseroles and soups. The control panel has an LCD screen that displays the temperature settings — — high, low, and keep warm. The ceramic inner pot and the glass lid can easily be washed by hand and is also dishwasher safe.

The all clad slow cooker will be your best friend in the kitchen. Just add the ingredients of a meal set the cooking time that can go up to 26 hours and set the temperature settings and forget it. By the time you come back home from work, you will have a hot delicious meal waiting for you and for the whole family.

There are some guidelines though that you need to consider while using the All Clad Slow Cooker. The Health and Dietary guidelines recommend that when cooking meat especially, we need to get the cooking temperature to 150 degrees to discourage growing of bacteria. this is why a programmable timer helps. Also don’t try to stuff the slow cooker because it will over spilling and can cause a dried out meal. Most manufacturers recommend 1/3 to 1/2 full. Also to get the most of your condiments, try to add them at the final stage of the cooking (before serving time) adding them early on can cause them to loose flavor. An exception to this is salt. You can add it early on.


Bread is and has been a popular food. Now, with the convenience of a bread maker you can make your own. You control what ingredients to use and what not to use. Use of whole grains and 100 percent whole wheat flour add a healthy slant to any meal. You can alter the recipe to suit your needs. Choosing the best quality breadmakers in UK is really a daunting task due to so many so many different models of breadmakers available in the market.

By adding a tablespoon or two of bran, healthy nuts , sunflower seeds or other seeds and nuts you are increasing the health benefit. Just don’t add too many so the structure changes. By experimenting with healthier ingredients, like whole wheat flour, oatmeal and other grains you can tweak and perfect a recipe to your needs.

Whole grains are grains that haven’t been subjected to the refining process. Their health benefits are immeasurable. They contain more nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They also contain a higher amount of fiber. Fiber is responsible for cleaning up your digestive system. Whole grains lowers your risk of contracting potentially fatal diseases such as cardiovascular problems , diabetes and some cancers.

Breadmaker Tips

A bread maker machine is a great and convenient appliance that every home maker should own. Not only is it a great time saver, it does all the work for you. There is very little clean-up, only the utensils used to load the ingredients into the pan. You select the cycle you want, the loaf size, the crust color and push start. The machine does all the kneading, mixing and baking. There is a time delay feature also. You can set that and mix and bake later and come home to a fresh baked product.

If you are health conscious or have food allergies, a bread maker would be a fantastic appliance to own. It would be a great cost saver if you are buying gluten free bread products. You create your own gluten free bread using the quick bread cycle. You just need to buy the gluten free flours and the xanthan gum for binding.
Most grocery stores and certainly health food stores have the ingredients you need. A bread machine would save a lot of money in the long run.

Buying Guide

Many cheap slow cookers still come with a keep warm setting, so you could save money by choosing a basic model over something fancier. Other crocks have non-stick coatings and some models can be placed in an oven or microwave for reheating. You can buy a 1-1/2 quart basic model for under $10 and a full-featured programmable cooker for less than $100. If you opt for a programmable slow cooker, make sure it will automatically switch to “keep warm” once your meal is done cooking. Choose from a round or oval slow cooker. All you have to do is just turn the control to the desired setting—low, medium, or high.

A few members have been keen to get hold of a slow cooker with a delayed timer, which you can set to turn on or off while you’re away. Find out about common features below, or use our guide on getting the most from your slow cooker for help knowing which settings are best for different foods. Crocks with large handles allow for more efficient lifting and transferring, and removable inserts are the easiest and quickest to clean. Features and enhanced cooking or monitoring functions will influence slow cooker prices, as will other functions on the cooker.

This isn’t a luxury you’ll have with basic manual controls, but it’s a must if you will be leaving the slow cooker unattended all day. If you’re planning to cook whole chickens in a slow cooker, an oval shape is a better choice. Mechanical models don’t have a timer so you’ll have to monitor the cooking, especially for smaller quantities of more delicate foods, and you’ll have to turn off the slow cooker. We don’t reckon you should, as leaving food in the cooker at a warm-ish temperature will breed bacteria.

One of the benefits of owning a bread maker is that in the long run, you will save a lot of money as it pays for itself over time. Kneading paddles come in different shapes. This will then dump the ingredients in at the right point in the cycle, to help you get the perfect fruit loaf. Will you need to pull it out from where it normally sits or move it around a lot? The paddle mixes the ingredients into a dough. A 1kg loaf of multigrain takes about three to five hours to bake and will cost just over $3.

Viewing window lets you see the bread and so reduces the temptation to open the lid, which can cause heat loss and produce a poor loaf. One of the main concerns of any average buyer would be the time taken to make one loaf of bread. Some machines also have one specifically for dough and a replacement specifically for pasta. If you’re going to be baking such loaves more than occasionally, you’ll certainly appreciate having an automatic dispenser. If so, look for a lighter model – some weigh less than 5kg, while others weigh more than 6kg.

Some models have a kneading paddle that collapses during baking to minimize any indentation on the bottom of the loaf. On the other hand, a premix contains all the dry ingredients and yeast sachets, leaving you with only water to add. The window will fog up during some of the processes. Nobody likes longer cooking time, especially when you are in a hurry. Most machines should come with at least one paddle, but two is recommended to knead the bread well. You can change the way your loaf turns out by altering the balance of ingredients, but the very fanciest bread makers take this a step further, by letting you set custom baking programmes.

All bread makers have a non-stick pan with a kneading paddle to bake your loaf in. Top-of-the-range machines come with different settings for recipes such as rye, spelt, gluten-free breads and pizza dough that calculate the temperature and baking time when you select your loaf. There’s a variety available – rye, fruit loaf, sourdough, multigrain and pizza/focaccia doughs and they can be bought in portioned packs or in bulk quantities. Power failure protection is a memory device that saves your bread if the power is interrupted, such as the plug accidentally being removed or a black-out.

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