Mosquito repellent with DEET are they effective?

We all hate mosquitoes, this tiny little creature give many of us sleep less night. They are found across the world and are more dangerous in African continent. A female mosquito feeds on the blood of human and animals to acquire vital proteins that is essential for the development of her eggs. When a female mosquito bites us, her saliva is released into our blood. This saliva cause allergy reaction and hence we feel itchy where mosquito has bitten. Mosquitoes also carries many harmful diseases like Malaria, West Nile virus, dengue and many more dreadful disease. Malaria alone cause thousands of death around the world.

Controlling Mosquito Population

Mosquitoes are mostly active during night or at twilight hours, but the mosquitoes that breed in our houses can be active during both day and night. To control the population of mosquitoes around our home or offices, following measures should be taken.

    • Controlling the breeding sites of mosquitoes: In order to effectively control the population of mosquitoes, it is essential that we destroy the breeding areas where mosquitoes lay eggs. The breeding areas include drainage holes, structures and containers that may trap water (barrels, old tires). Any area that can hold water should be properly clean. Clogged drainage ditches along roads can become productive mosquito­ breeding sites. Storm sewer catch basins are yet another common breeding site.
    • Flush out the water in birdbaths at least every five days.
    • For personal protection against the mosquitoes, use mosquito repellent. They are quiet effective and does not have harmful effects on our body. Mosquito repellent with DEET are the most effective repellent. You can check out some of the best mosquito repellent here. There are also some plant based repellent such as citronella, they are also good.
    • Special equipment is needed to apply pesticides to kill adult mosquitoes. Small droplets are produced that drift through the air and contact adult mosquitoes to kill them

Mosquito repellent tree

The neem tee, above all, is kept free of insects. You only have a limited effect on the environment. However, a large tree, planted in a small yard, make a difference in the total number of insects present. Depends on what you want to achieve. A tree in the garden will make little difference in their crops being eaten. If you live in a tropical area and want to repel mosquitoes, then a small tree in the garden does not prevent bites. A big tree in front of the door will reduce the number of mosquitoes entering the house.

Mosquito repelling flowers

Numerous species of plants and flowers contain compounds that repel mosquitoes. Crushing, drying or the infusion of plants or flowers in a base oil or alcohol will release the compounds, which allows the user to apply to the skin, place them in a container in the house or garden, and it also burns like smoke stain release mosquito repellent properties. A few flowers seem to offer soft skills to repel mosquitoes when you just planted in the garden near an area of increased activity of insects.

Mosquito repellent plants

The citronella, or mosquito plant, scented geranium is related to common garden geranium. Some catalogs say that if it grows on the roof, which will repel mosquitoes. Citronella plant contains citronella oil, used in mosquito repellent candles. It will not hurt to have one in your yard, but no plant will keep the little buggers away with only grow in the garden. Only oil is released when the leaves are crushed.

mosquito repellent plantsLavender planted in the garden helps to repel mosquitoes. When dry, the flowers, stems and leaves work to repel moths and mosquitoes in the home environment. The oil of the plant works when applied to the skin as pleasant odor repellent. The lavender plant enjoys full sun with well drained soil. It is easy to grow in the garden or within a container. Once established, the plant is drought tolerant. Lavender commonly grows 12-18 inches tall.

Lantana grows as an evergreen shrub that produces a rich orange to yellow flowers. It can easily grow 6 feet tall with a width of about 8 feet. Some varieties behave like a vine and can be easily located on a trellis or pergola. Small, dwarf varieties are available for planting of containers on a patio or porch. The plant grows well in temperate to tropical regions. Flowers in almost any soil. It can be planted in sunlight or shade, and is believed to repel mosquitoes and other insects more of the garden area.

Mosquito repellent plants shade

Shade gardens are very popular with gardeners because of its calming and relaxing effect. shade gardens have a variety of shade plants that require different degrees of shade. It is relatively easy to maintain shade gardens as shade plants do not require frequent watering. Most gardeners create a shade garden in the shade provided by a group of mature trees. It is crucial to understand the type of shade is available in a garden for shade gardening success. In general, the types of shade can be divided into shade, partial shade, and dappled shade. It is imperative for farmers and gardeners to meet the requirements of the plants shade before planting in shade gardens. They should also be aware of the ways to protect plants from shade during the summer. Gardeners can select plants that are best suited to the climatic conditions of that region.

Choosing the best mosquito repellent

A good mosquito repellent often means the difference between an enjoyable summer of outdoor fun and three nightmarish months in mozzie hell. Unless you only plan on being outside for a few hours, and aren’t in an area heavily infested with ticks and mosquitoes, consider buying a longer-lasting bug repellent so that you don’t have to reapply it constantly. If keeping bugs out of your backyard is your goal, then your best bet is to eliminate standing water, where mosquitoes thrive. Many people assume that the more deet (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) a product contains, the better. But which one will do the best job of keeping you bite free?

  • In general, the higher the dosage of the product’s active ingredient, the longer it will last.
  • There is one downside to DEET: it has a pesky plasticizing effect that can damage fabrics, surfaces, and materials.
  • But our tests found that products with 15 to 30 percent deet can provide long-lasting protection against mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Repellents can be produced using synthetic chemicals or natural products and are available as aerosols, creams, pump sprays, wipes and wearable devices such as wrist bands.
  • Expert says products with 15 to 30 percent DEET, 20 percent picaridin, or 30 percent lemon eucalyptus oil are strong enough to last all day.
  • It won’t harm cotton, wool, or nylon, but materials like rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, spandex, and even auto paint are fair game, so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling it.

And some research suggests that higher concentrations and excessive doses can pose risks, including rashes and possibly even disorientation and seizures. proven effectiveness at preventing bites, can remain effective for several hours. The concentration of the active ingredient in mosquito repellents determines how long it will protect you. Citronellal is a distinctive lemon-scented compound found in the oil extract of the Lemon Eucalyptus tree among many others. Mosquito Guard’s incense sticks, infused with citronella, rosemary, and lemongrass oil, not only keep bugs at bay, but they create nice ambience if you’re throwing a party outside (they omit a refreshing lemon scent, too). Place them directly into dirt in the ground, or inside potted plants, and they’ll burn for several hours.

The use of micro-encapsulation technology has resulted in some almost odourless repellents. Research shows that essential oils repel mosquitoes. It is used in a huge range of products from perfumes to flavourings, but is particularly effective in repelling mosquitos. People won’t even know you’ve created a protective shield. Less common than other products; name difficult to remember; may need to be re-applied every 6-8 hours depending on concentration.

You can use concentrated oils to make your own insect repellent sprays and lotions or purchase ready-made repellents that use these ingredients. Naturally occurring and non-toxic as a topical repellent, it makes it an ideal choice for protecting children. As a substance, icaridin is odorless and colorless. Insect repellent should be put on after applying sun cream, having given it 5-10 minutes to dry. Essential oils are effective at repelling mosquitoes but do not last as long as DEET, so apply large quantities of the oils and reapply at least every two hours.

Citronella Mosquito Repellent
It is the active ingredient of Citronella candles. One of its advantages over DEET is that it will not dissolve plastics and is not as irritant either. Make sure everything has dried before you put extra layers of clothing on, too, or it’ll just rub off. Some research suggests that combining multiple essential oils is more effective than using only one. Around a campsite or backyard patio, use insect-repelling candles, diffusers, mosquito coils and mosquito sticks.

WHO (or the World Health Organization) discovered that this compound is just as good as DEET when it comes to repelling biting insects, and some say it is even better than DEET. And stick to separate sun creams and insect repellents, rather than combined products – sun protection usually needs more frequent application than insect repellent does. Mosquitoes can be repelled with an insect repellent, but for most mosquitoes, natural repellents aren’t tough enough, so its important to have a strong solution particularly solutions containing DEET. These devices are most effective in windless conditions. Nosquito refers to clothing, created by Craghoppers but available with other brands that is impregnated with mosquito repelling treatments, in order to provide repellency without a spray. For serious swarms, wear a headnet. Add netted coverings (bug jacket, bug pants) as needed.

Do You Need Epilator or Waxing is Still Better?

The practice of removing body hair is commonplace for a majority of image-conscious women (as well as some men) in western society these days. It will therefore come as no surprise to discover that the number of different hair removal products on the market has also grown significantly to satisfy the requirements and preferences of each individual.

Epilators are quickly becoming the preferred method of hair removal for many women (and some men) who are sick of the inconvenience of shaving on an almost daily basis and may not be too fond of the discomfort of waxing large areas of skin. But with so many different epilators to choose from on the market, knowing exactly which one to choose is easier said than done.

What does an epilator look like?

Of course, the exact design of each epilator will vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer, and indeed from model-to-model. Generally speaking however, they don’t look much different to any standard electric shaver. The only real difference in design is likely to be in the top head section, and that is due to the fact that they work in a totally different way to shavers. They can come needing to be plugged into the mains, or in cordless, battery operated form. If you want to buy the best epilator in India, then continue reading this article. We will be discussing in detail as how to choose an epilator according to your need.

How do they work?

epilator in IndiaThe way in which is an epilator works differently from a shaver is that instead of cutting hairs above the surface of the skin, they actually pull hairs out at the root. They are capable of pulling out multiple hairs at once and work via tweezer action, not too diferently to how waxing works or indeed how individual manual plucking occurs.

What are the benefits?

Some of the most obvious benefits of epilating over other hair removal techniques are as follows:


Epilators are very quick and convenient to use, provided that you do use them on a regular basis and don’t let the hairs get too long. Typically it will take less than a minute or so to completely remove hair from both of your legs. It can be done any place, any time, in the comfort of your own home, without the need for professional assistance.

Cost Savings:

top epilator in IndiaOnce you’ve purchased an epilator, it can usually be used over and over – year after year – with no added or further costs. There is no need to spend absurd amounts of money on a continuous supply of disposeable razors, nor is there any need to buy replacement heads as you would for your electric shaver. Provided that you look after it and perform a little cleaning after each use, you should enjoy many years of flawless service from your epilator and save a lot of money in the process.

Increased Effectiveness:

Since razors and shavers can only reach hairs that protrude above the surface of the skin, it doesn’t take long before the dreaded stubble appears, requiring that it be done all over again. Fortunately, since epilators actually pull hairs out from the root, it takes a lot longer before the hairs become long enough to bother you again, meaning you’ll have fantastically smooth, hairless skin for a much longer duration of time – often nearing on a whole month.

In addition, epilators are capable of removing exceptionally fine and short hairs that the likes of waxing simply wouldn’t be effective towards.

How are they used?

In short – much like a regular electric shaver! Making sure your skin is clean and dry before epilating, simply stroke your hairs against the direction of growth to make them stand on end. Then, hold the epilator perpendicular to the skin and move it slowly, also against the direction of hair growth. Some discomfort will be felt but such is the nature of the practice of plucking hairs from the skin. The amount of discomfort can be lowered drastically if you were to wax the skin you intend to epilate before using the epilator for the first time, and then ensuring that the epilator is used regularly before the hairs have a chance to grow back too long and thick.

Choosing the best epilator in India

The aim of this article is to provide epilator reviews, comparisons and information in an attempt to make that purchase decision less of a headache. Before you read about any specific epilator you might be interested in learning a little more information on epilators in general – including about what they actually are, how they work, and what advantages (and disadvantages) they have in comparison to other hair removal methods and products.

You should know that every epilator has its own set of accessories and specific features designed to meet the needs of different consumers. You might be tempted by claims that epilators leave skin looking and feeling smooth for longer than shaving. Choosing the perfect epilator does not have to be a difficult decision. The massage attachment lessens any discomfort during epilation while the pivoting head functions in a way that helps you remove hair from even the remotest body areas. Therefore, before buying an epilator, you should take into consideration some factors and judge for a moment which is the best epilator for you.

  • Some epilators claim to leave long-lasting smooth skin for up to four weeks, but how long this will last depends largely on how quickly your hair generally grows back.
  • Here are some of the extra features and options available on models that can be found on websites such as eBay today, and their benefits in the hair removal process.
  • This is the ideal epilator if you have sensitive skin and you can be hair-free for up to 4 weeks.
  • An efficiency cap is something I always want to find in the box because, trust me, it eases on the pain a little and it makes the entire hair removing process more comfortable.
  • We all know how messy waxing can be and shaving isn’t much better.
  • The condition of a used item should be detailed in the product description, where any damage or defects will be listed, so it is important to read this thoroughly.

There are three types of epilators. You don’t need to go and buy a separate razor anymore. Epilating doesn’t require any creams or liquids and some devices even have chambers that catch falling hairs. Replacement heads for used epilators can be found for a reasonable price online. The first epilators to hit the market were the spring type. Just look for the right epilator that comes with a razor as an accessory. Admittedly, getting a professional wax is the cleanest option as you’ll be doing it outside of your home but that brings me to my next point. The dual opposed heads of the Emagine keep the skin taut, which helps to eliminate ingrown hairs and minimize pain. As the name suggests, they had rotating coil springs.

You’ll manage to find basic epilators that can be used on your hands and legs or the ones that are a little high on price but manage to give you complete hair removal solutions. Silk Epil 9 comes with 40 tweezers and two different speed options. Additionally, using the Glide Technology, the epilator lifts up the hairs and the tweezers glide over the skin. This motion caught hairs in the spring and pulled them out at the root. It uses something called the ‘MicroGrip’ technology, which is specifically designed to remove even the finest and shortest hairs.

This really helps to minimize irritation. Very similar to spring eplialtors, rotating disc epilators are another type. The MicroGrip tweezers are longer and wider than those of the previous version. This epilator can remove hairs as small as a grain of sand and, best of all, can be used both in and out of the water. They use a rotating motion to catch and pull hairs, but instead of a spring coil, they utilize ceramic discs You can use it wet – in the shower or bath – as well as dry. Those will lower pain tolerances will love the ability to use this epilator while totally submersed in water for ultimate comfort. It boasts close-grip technology and removes hair even as short as a grain of sand (0.5mm). It has a high frequency massage system which allows for more gentle epilation by actively stimulating your skin. The pivoting head complements the ergonomic angle by smoothly adapting to your body contours, and makes it easy to hold.

Waxing vs Epilation

epilation vs waxingI learnt how to do waxing from friends and got my own cold wax and waxing strips to do waxing at home. Waxing has been used for centuries due to its effectiveness. With the exception of at-home laser hair removal devices, most forms of at-home hair removal yield only temporary results. A little bit of planning as warm wax takes a little time to heat up. It did work for a while.

  • It pulls hairs from the root and takes dead skin with it, leaving your body nice and fresh (if a little sore!). The only downside is that the wax presses hairs down against the skin, making it more likely that they won’t be pulled.
  • Traditional methods of removing hair fall into two categories: depilation, which removes hair at the skin’s surface and includes shaving, cream depilatory use, sanding and buffing; and epilation, which takes out the entire hair by the root and includes tweezing, threading, sugaring, waxing and epilator use.
  • However the process is really fast and gets rid of hairs in only a few strokes.
  • Then I got irritated because the whole process was so messy.
  • There is also more of a chance that hairs will be broken instead of pulled.

Continue reading “Do You Need Epilator or Waxing is Still Better?”

Gardening tips and 5 most essential gardening tools including lopper

Your survival garden is not a garden where you can go to the local nursery and purchase already stable plants to put in your garden.  You are going to have to learn how to start your own garden from planting seeds yourself.

Growing your own vegetables from seed is very easy. It is great fun to watch the tiny seedlings emerge from the soil mix and of course is a great deal cheaper than buying ready grown plants (if you are able to find them). It is not as quick though. The reason why it is cheaper is that you are doing all the work yourself. It is best to start earlier in the year as it allows you to start seeds off earlier than just planting in the ground. If you plant some seeds in your garden beds when it is still cold, you run the risk of the seeds rotting in the ground.

So what do you start your seeds in? Well it all depends on what type of plant you are growing. Before we discuss what type of container you need, you also need to think about what type of soil mix you are going to grow them in. If you have access to any soil mix you should use it, if not, just take some of your garden soil. Try to use soil that does not have any weed seeds in it or you will have to be sure to identify the seed plant from your vegetable plants. Be sure to use clean pots where possible.

There is no reason why you cannot reuse pots year after year, and in today’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle world we live in it is a good idea but they must be cleaned and sterilized. Simply soak them in a tub of water to loosen any old dirt, wash them in warm soapy water using a stiff bristled brush, rinse in clean water and finally soak in a disinfectant solution. Use diluted bleach, diluted medical disinfectant, gardening disinfectant and specialist organic gardening disinfectant. They all work, but remember to wear waterproof gloves for this last stage as many of these chemicals are strong and could do some damage your skin. You can also buy new cheap disposable pots each year as you can more or less assume these are sterile so there can be no danger of transferring diseases from old dirty pots to new seedlings.

There are not just pots though, You can also use trays or flats as they are known in some countries, little plug trays where the seedling can grow in its own cell and old plastic coffee cups which have been washed out. You will need drainage holes though. You can even start larger seeds off in the discarded middles of toilet paper rolls. These are planted out as they are into your soil mix and the roots grow through the cardboard. The toilet roll eventually degrades into the soil.

Let’s start off by assuming we are sowing into trays. Fill the tray with whatever compost you are using and gently firm this down until you have a fairly level surface. At this stage you need to water this so that the seed will be surrounded by moisture. You then need to sow the seed. Very small seeds should be gently sprinkled, not too thickly, on to the surface of the compost. Larger seeds such as tomatoes can be placed individually on the surface of the compost.

A tip here, to help you get them in the correct place, is that you can move them with a small artists paint brush. You also need to have some basic gardening tools such as pruner, shears, loppers and shovel etc. These tools are not expensive and they are necessary to maintain your garden. For example without a good lopper you may not able to prune unwanted branches and roots. We will be discussing about the various garden tools that you need to have in UK and how you can choose the best garden tools at the right price.

best lopper in UKCover the seed to the correct depth with sieved compost or fine grade vermiculite. The back of the seed pack will let you know what depth to cover with. This is important as too much compost will make life difficult for your seedling. Gently water the surface of this compost. That’s it. Just keep the tray somewhere at the best temperature for the seed. The  kitchen window is fine. Cover the seed trays with plastic sheeting until the seedlings start to emerge then take this off. This will help provide warmth as well as maintain moisture.

If you need to water the seed tray, do this by standing it in a small try of water and letting the compost act like a sponge and soak that water up. This does not disturb things as much as using a watering can does. Let this water drain away though as the compost needs to be moist but not wet. Finally, when the seedling is large enough to handle and has developed some true leaves not just seed leaves, transfer it to its own pot of compost and let it grow larger. When you do this you need to be gentle and only hold the seedling by a leaf. Holding by the stem can crush it as the stem is very fragile and this crushing will kill the seedling.

A final point, remember that many seeds can be sown direct into the ground where they are to grow. Make sure the soil is warm enough before you do this and protect your seeds with some form of cover if it is early in the season.

Top 5 must have garden tools

Garden trowel
When it comes to hand tools, one of the most versatile is the trowel. There are basically only two parts to a hand shovel, the handle and the blade and both are very important considerations when looking to buy a trowel. In masonry, a trowel is the flat tool that is used to apply and spread mortar or plaster. While trowels in general are light, the fact you may use them for hours at a time means a few ounces in weight may make a difference. There are masonry trowels used to level, spread and shape mortar and concrete.

garden trowelMany people go out and buy a cheap garden trowel, take it home, start digging and find that the blade is as malleable as the soil they are digging in! This type of trowel is different than a garden trowel, though. If you must choose, get the lighter trowel. There are also gardening trowels, used to dig up dirt and weeds like a small shovel. Though a garden trowel with a warped blade can usually still do the job, it isn’t nearly as efficient.

A garden trowel is a small handheld shovel or spade. Folding feature: Do you like the idea of a folding trowel so it takes up less space in your gardening toolkit or perhaps fits in your back pocket? So whether you’re doing some brickwork or digging in the garden, we’re here to help you pick the right trowel. Garden trowels usually have wooden, plastic or rubber coated metal handles. If so, get a folding trowel. The actual shovel part of a garden trowel can be made of various types of metal or even plastic, sometimes the metal blades are coated or painted.

Loppers for pruning
Garden loppers, hedge shears and secateurs are the three most important tools a gardener can own for pruning plants. Pruning can be heavy, repetitive work, and trying to take too big a bite with the wrong tool is the quickest way to increase your own weariness and frustration while also shortening the life of your equipment. If you’re cutting anything above 20mm you’ll want to look at loppers. For those not aware of the difference. Secateurs and Hedge Shears are good for trimming or pruning the skinny limbs of plants but there are times when pruning involves the removal of limbs thicker than your thumb.

loppers of 2017Certain tools, like those with compound-action gears, will make the task easier. These work in a similar way to pruners, but you’ll need to use 2 hands as they come with long handles that extend to give you more leverage and make it easier to get to those hard to reach branches. Bypass loppers are suitable for cutting living branches. If you trim these with secateurs or hedge shears you risk damaging the tool and it is for this very reason that loppers are a must-own tool for you. But the best way to keep things comfortable whenever you go out to prune is to wear gloves and make sure your tools are clean and sharp.

Loppers are what you need if you want to do heavy pruning and dead wooding. Anvil loppers are more suited to dead, hard wood. When you are choosing loppers, you need to think about how strong you are and at what angle you are going to be using them. Anvil loppers and pruners tend to crush the material that is being cut and are used where cleanliness of cut is not as important as removal. When looking for a great pair of tree loppers, be sure to check that the handles are made from a strong metal like titanium, steel, or reinforced aluminum.

Using bypass loppers on deed wood could bend the lopper blade and break the bolt mechanism. If you are going to be using loppers to cut stems and branches at knee level, then you will probably hold the loppers and let them hang while you use them. This occurs when cutting dead material or making preparatory cuts – those cuts that occur before the final cut is made. Handles with a foam or rubber grip are also considered above the rest due to the better grip the allow. The blades are coated and non-stick, preventing friction and helping the blade to glide through the wood smoothly, without it gumming up with tree sap and dust and other debris. Continue reading “Gardening tips and 5 most essential gardening tools including lopper”

Do You Really Need to Buy an Ergonomic Office Chair?

A good ergonomic office chairs are an excellent addition to any office or home where there is someone with mobility issues. These chairs rise up to allow easy movement from the sitting to the standing position. The chair also comes in a wide range of colors and fabric options and can be chosen for weight capacity, as well. Office recliner chairs have many benefits for those with mobility issues. There is less stress on the joints of the legs and hips when standing from an upward position and you can more easily recover from surgeries when using an electric chair. The chair works using hinges that lift the chair upwards to assist you with standing. If you have been uncomfortable due to arthritis, hip surgeries or replacement, or issues with your knees then an electric recliner is the perfect solution to moving to the standing position with less pain. If you are looking for the best office chairs in India, then continue reading this article.

Five Reasons I Love My Office Chair

  1. Most of all I like it is not the typical office chair that expect the back to bend to it instead of chair shaping to back. The bungee gives support but does not overly support my back.
  2. It comes in all different colors. I like bright colors and it would have just ruined it for me if I had to go with a black chair. But for those that like less bold their are blues, grays and blacks to choose from.
  3. I do not feel like I am sitting on a big bunch of rocks all day in may chair.
  4. When doing work I can daydream I am sitting on a trampoline instead of at my desk.

Benefits of ergonomic office chairs

In addition to assisting with standing your electric recliner chairs also have the same comfort as a traditional recliner. You can relax by lifting the foot section and laying the back section down anytime you like. The frame of the chair is what moves up and down as needed. The frame is located under the chair, well away from the padded seat and back area where you need the most comfort.

health benefit of office chairYou can find electric chairs in both wide and extra wide options for bariatric patients in need of assistance with mobility. The weight limit for these chairs ranges from three hundred to five hundred pounds depending on the specific chair that you choose. The height range for the chair will also vary but is intended for people who average from five feet ten inches and under for maximum comfort. If you are taller than five feet ten inches you can opt for a chair with a higher back for the best in comfort.

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide business professionals with the optimal amount of comfort and support while they are hard at work at their desk. Ergonomic chairs are built with posture in mind. You would actually be surprised when you compare there cost to a standard office chair because there really is that much difference in price anymore. We’ve touched on the dangers of sitting down in previous posts, and we’ve done a number of articles on workspace optimization. These chairs provide the user with both convenience and comfort.

  • Their whole purpose is to help support your posture while sitting, which leads to other benefits.
  • Sometimes they can even be cheaper.
  • While we’ve previously discussed the benefits of standing desks, they’re simply not an option for the majority of us.
  • The word Ergonomic is a combination of two Greek works “ergos” meaning work and “nomos” meaning natural laws of.
  • Sitting with both feet flat on the floor, with your knees at a 90 degree angle and parallel with your hips can be done with any chair.
  • If you are really serious about your health, they are a wise investment simply because they are proven to increase your productivity prevent serious injury.
  • The average Indian worker spends about 5 hours 41 minutes of sitting in an average work day, not to mention uncounted hours sitting at home and while on commutes.

Therefore Ergonomic chairs are made to enhance the user’s physical and mental capabilities and allow them to make the most out of their day at the office. Ergonomic chairs, however, help support the natural curve of your back which improves your posture. When you do your research & select the proper ergonomic offer chair (or let do the research for you), there are several factors that you will start to see emerge and should consider. >It’s a given that sitting for long periods in less than ideal conditions can lead to all sorts of aches and repetitive stress Building on the first point of promoting a healthy work environments ergonomic furniture can also help to ensure that your workplace is safe. Allowing blood to flow properly through your body is crucial, and the wrong chair can inhibit it. Traditional chairs may be one of the reasons why people tend to have an incorrect posture while sitting at their desk. Compressing your body is not just bad for your posture but for your breathing as well. It may not seem like a major safety hazard to have furniture that isn’t ergonomic furniture.

top office chairs India 2017Most ergonomic chairs allow the seat position and height of the chair to adjust to the length of your legs. An ergonomic chair takes these problems into consideration. When you don’t breathe properly, the heart and lungs are forced to work harder, causing overall stress to your system. However, we need to think of the implications this decision will have on your employees safety and health over the years.injuries. It’s important that your legs stay at a 90 degree angle to ensure proper circulation, so pick an ergonomic chair that will let you adjust the height and angle of your seat.

It has all the necessary features including head rest and back rest that support your posture while sitting. Ergonomic chairs can lessen these problems by allowing you to sit upright with an open chest and broad shoulders so you can breathe easily. Moreover, you can adjust the height to sit with your feet flat on the floor, knees at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor and parallel to the hips. These corrections automatically help you to improve your posture.

Types of Office Chairs

There are several types of office chairs available in India and they are suitable for different purposes. Here we will list the best selling office chairs that you may be interested in purchasing.

Bungee chairs
Bungee chairs sometimes called a bungie chair is an ergonomically designed chair made to fit your body. If you’re looking for a contemporary style chair that’s super comfortable, then the bungee cord chair may be just what you want! Bungee chairs come in a range of styles and colors. From your standard black bungee to hot pink and in between. This ergo seating option is as individual as you. One of the more popular bungie chairs is the bungee cord office chair with wheels. Bungee chairs are available in low back, high back, and with or without arm rests.

Conference office chairs
Many work environments lean towards the classic office chair. This office chair type generally has the largest range of features. Ideal for a variety of office environments, the task chair comes in both small-back and mid-back styles. These chairs are ideal for constant use, as seen in working environments like call centers. This is because it offers stability and comfort throughout your workday, while still being perfectly suited for a collaborative setting.

It is wide with a high back, and sometimes has an additional headrest, and the chair swivels and tilts. This chair provides ample back support while still maintaining a simple design. They are specified by the manufacturer as being able to withstand this kind of use and are usually designed with extra durable frames, thickly padded seats and backs and a few ergonomic adjustments. Our wide selection of mid and high-back chairs provide proper seating for various settings whether it be an office or large conference room. The cushion is well-padded as it’s designed to accommodate very long periods of sitting, and is often contoured with a waterfall edge for comfort and to help relieve pressure on legs.

Executive chairs
Whether you’re working from home or your restaurant’s office, this convenient chair type will be sure to suit your needs. Standard chair sizes do not fit all. Also called the boardroom chair, this design is perfect for meetings as its best for relaxing positions. The chair’s arms are usually height- and width-adjustable, and the base most often has casters for easy mobility. There are many types of ergonomic chairs available for use in the office.

office chairs 2017These chairs, which are rated for over 250 lbs., provide an extra roomy build for those who need more space. Since meetings are centered on talking and listening more than actual legwork, a consistently comfortable sitting position is of utmost importance, and this is exactly what you’ll get from conference chairs. This chair would be a great choice for a waiting room or reception area as it’s important that you provide a comfortable chair for your guests and visitors. No one type of office chair is necessarily the best, but there are some things that are very important to look for in a good ergonomic office chair. Big and tall chairs also include heavy-duty construction to ensure long-lasting use and safe support throughout the work day. Continue reading “Do You Really Need to Buy an Ergonomic Office Chair?”

Smartphones and Power banks – A brief look in them

Smartphones are getting popular across the globe including India. With people relying more and more on mobiles for not just making calls and sending text, but also for various other tasks like taking pictures, making videos, listening songs, watching movies and staying in touch with friends and relatives using social media. Many studies have shown that more than 60 percent of smartphone users spend six hours a day with their mobile. With so much usage they quickly run out of battery, as mobile phone batteries are not designed to last so long. This problem can be overcome either always keep your mobile plugged in or using a power bank.

Power Banks in India

Power banks are storage device that can charged up your mobile phones, iPads and even tablets. They are portable and small enough to be carried in your bag pocket. Nowadays there are many models and types of power banks are available costing anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 7000. While purchasing power banks, you should always look at the capacity and safety features of the power bank. More the capacity, the more number of times you can charge up your mobile before your power bank run out of power. If you are looking for the a device that can keep your mobile phone charge for long hours than go for the best power bank that has high capacity. We will be discussing about the power banks and what features you should look when buying a power bank later in this article.

Smart Phones and Their Uses

The latest addition to Sony’s flagship series Xperia is perhaps one of the most interesting of all the announcements made in the CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Sony has high hopes for Xperia Z with impressive specifications. Even critics have been positive about the Smartphone. It has an aesthetically pleasing form, as is typical of Sony Smartphones. The contours are slightly rounded, but the rectangular shape is retained. As of now, Sony Xperia Z is slated to be launched in three colors, namely, black, white and purple.

Sony Xperia Z has a sprawling 5 inch Full HD Retina display with 1920 x 1080 p resolution and 441 ppi pixel density. Even though Retina display is not unique for the phone (iPhone 5 has a similar one), combined with the resolution and pixel density, it is certainly one of the brightest. Using Mobile Bravia Engine 2 has significantly advanced the display. Sony has truly upped the game with Xperia Z in terms of visuals. At 146 g, it is not one of the heaviest phones around. But don’t let that fool you; the handset is power packed with a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz.

It has a Adeno 320 GPU. Along with the advanced GPU and 2 GB of RAM, this phone is certainly a good pick if you are a heavy gamer. It also contributes to smooth multi-tasking and a fluid user interface. The internal storage is a staggering 16 GB, which can be extended to 32 GB using microSD card. The phone has a brilliant 13 MP rear camera equipped with auto focus and LED Flash. It can even shoot Full HD videos. The front camera is of 2.2 MP, again, with Full HD video. It is quite remarkable for a camera used mostly for video chatting. The phone runs on a standard 2330 mAh Li-ion battery. But since the battery is non-removable, some potential users are having second thoughts about the Smartphone. Connectivity of the phone is pretty standard: Bluetooth 4.0, dual band Wi-Fi, GPS and DLNA. The phone also has Near Field Communication or NFC capabilities.

What are power banks

power banks in India
Power banks are portable device that is made of special type of battery called Lithium-ion (or Lithium-Polymer) that is enclosed in a special case and also have a electronic circuit that controls the flow of power. These power banks can hold electrical charge which can be later use to charge your smart phones, tablets and other portable media devices. The power banks are small in size and light in weight and hence they can be easily carried in a bag or pocket.

The Power Banks we’re talking about are good for almost any USB-charged devices. A Power Bank you can charge by connecting it to a power outlet. In simple, it’s mean how‘healthy’ your phone battery is. Power Banks come in different sizes and the mAh figure tells us the total capacity of the batteries. Cameras, GoPros, Portable speakers, GPS systems, MP3 players, smartphones and even some tablets can be charged from a Power Bank – practically anything that charges from USB at home can be charged from a Power Bank – you just have to remember to keep your Power Bank charged, too!

  • Most Power Banks use USB powered.
  • Phone battery storage capacity will be lower and lower.
  • In other words, the more mAh the Power Bank has, the larger the energy is.
  • Modern gadgets are power hungry.
  • This means that a power bank, like a smartphone, iPad or GPS system is charging by connecting it to a USB charger (which comes standard with most smartphones and tablets) or those with an often USB cable to connect to a computer.

Continue reading “Smartphones and Power banks – A brief look in them”

Morning Back Pain And Posture Improvement Tips

Lower back pain is a widespread problem all over the world. Common remedies for back pain are therapy, exercise, and surgery.  Historically, the use of traction devices was the standard in treating lower back pain. It is a common but frustrating experience: a person goes to bed at night in no pain whatsoever, but wakes the next morning with excruciating back pain. In fact, sometimes the back pain doesn’t even wait until the morning to appear in severe cases, it can even wake the sufferer in the middle of the night. The posture braces are good to relieve vertebral disc compression which in turn distracts the spinal joint facets and the Para spinal musculature.

Although severe back pain can make a sufferer feel helpless, in truth, they are far from it. There are highly effective techniques that can be employed to either prevent or alleviate the experience of back pain in the morning. Here are a selection of techniques that are effective for both the prevention and amelioration of morning back pain.

Preventing Morning Back Pain

morning back painOf course, with something as serious and painful as back pain in the morning, the preferable alternative would be to prevent it altogether, and here are some ways that this can be accomplished.

1) The back pain might not be triggered by something internal, it could be caused by a completely external source. One thing to try would be a new and higher quality mattress. This is especially recommended for people whose mattresses are worn out and more than ten years old.

2) Another thing that can be highly effective is to try a new sleeping position, even if at first it feels unnatural. Some people find relief when sleeping on their side with their legs drawn up in a kind of fetal position. Some people find relief when sleeping flat on their backs with their legs propped up so their back is completely flat against the mattress. Each sufferer would have to experiment to find out which of those ways or any one of a number of other possibilities is most effective in preventing their back pain in the morning.

3) If the fetal position proves to be one that is effective in preventing morning back pain, the efficacy of this position can be further improved by piling pillows between the legs. This works by improve alignment.

4) There are pillows and mattress pads that are specifically designed to alleviate back pain that develops during the night, and many people find them to be quite effective. Buy my favorite are posture corrector braces that are mostly used to improve your body posture, but they are also great for reducing back pain. If you are looking for a great posture corrector braces in UK, then go for Befit24 premium posture corrector braces.

top posture braces in UK5) Sometimes the back pain does not spring from anything that happens at night, but rather how people carry themselves during the day. It can be effective to concentrate on posture during that time and, if consistently sitting, by breaking up with long periods spent in a chair with short bursts of walking.

6) Another highly effective technique that can be done throughout the day is to take periodic breaks to stretch, particularly the back muscles.

7) Many people have morning back pain or soreness because the muscles in their core are weak. This can be simply if not easily or quickly fixed by building up the strength in those muscles.

8) Lastly, oftentimes back pain morning or otherwise is caused by a spine issue or misalignment. Many people have found amazing relief after seeking out the services of a chiropractor.

– Alleviating Morning Back Pain

Sometimes, no matter how many of the above preventative measures someone implements, the morning back pain still persists. If that is the case, then here are some techniques for alleviating whatever back pain still lingers each morning.

1) Oftentimes, back pain can be alleviated by applying either heat or cold, or each in turn. Sometimes, even the pounding hot water of the shower will be enough to bring relief.

2) In many cases, back pain is caused by tense or spasming muscles. If that is the case, taking a muscle relaxant will help to ease the pain.

3) If the pain is severe enough, then a painkiller, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, can be effective in fighting it.

4) Sometimes, all that is needed is to massage or stretch the sore portion of the back.

Obviously, if the pain persists even after implementing all of these techniques, then a doctor must be consulted. After all, the pain can be a symptom of a much more serious problem.

The good news is, however, that in the vast majority of situations, these techniques can either get rid of the pain entirely, or significantly alleviate it!

How to improve your posture

Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. But there are so many other elements to the importance of posture, elements that are affecting millions of us every day. Although a stooped posture may seem to go hand in hand with old age, you can help prevent the characteristic rounding of the spine that is often caused by osteoporosis and the destruction of the vertebrae in the upper and middle spine. Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity.

  • From neck and back pain to blood flow and respiration, posture can have a major impact on how we live and how we feel every day.
  • To stay limber, try to get up for a couple minutes every half hour and stretch, walk, or stand.
  • Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity.
  • Without posture and the muscles that control it, we would simply fall to the ground.
  • Growing up, many of our parents would demand that we sit up and stop slouching, for no other reason than it might make us look bad.
  • If you have an office job, it’s difficult to avoid the pitfalls of sitting and slouching.
  • Without posture and the muscles that control it, we would simply fall to the ground.

If you have back pain, improving your posture is unlikely to address the root cause of your pain, but it may help alleviate muscle tension. Slumping your shoulders doesn’t just make you resemble one of our long-extinct ancestors—if you don’t stand up straight, no amount of exercise will give you the hot bod you’re after. However, there are plenty of little tricks you can use to improve your posture gradually. This isn’t an option for everyone, since it involves investing in an expensive video game system, but if you have the Nintendo Wii or Wii U, I highly recommend the Wii Fit. Get into the habit of sitting correctly. Here’s why: Over time, poor posture takes a serious toll on your spine, shoulders, hips, and knees. However, studies have shown that bad posture can increase feelings of depression, zap your energy and cut off your circulation. Exercises that strengthen your core will help you stand taller and help you maintain the proper posture. Continue reading “Morning Back Pain And Posture Improvement Tips”

Great Tips to Help You Raise Puppy

Puppies are just like small children they need love and care. You not only have to train them where they need to go but also train them on what limits they are allowed. So, your ready to take on the responsibility of rearing a puppy. Before you tackle raising a puppy there are some things you need to know.

When you first bring home your puppy set up an area for his food, water, and bedding. The area should be clean and warm. Make sure you wash his bedding right before and after flea season. Your Vet should be able to give times when flea eggs hatch. Check with your Vet for the proper protection you need to put on your puppy. As your puppy grows flea and tick protection will need to be adjusted. The proper amount is determined by weight of the animal.

It would be good idea to see your Vet within the first few weeks you bring home your puppy. Puppies are more susceptible to dog diseases and your puppy will need to be inoculated and boosters as he grows. Your Vet can also check the overall health of the puppy. If you purchased your puppy from a reputable pet shop or breeder his health should be good.

Feeding your puppy you need to watch for any food allergies. Not all foods are good for all dogs. Just like humans some dogs can have allergies and some types of food are the cause. If your having difficulty finding a good brand of puppy food you can ask your Vet for some recommendations. Most puppies will find store bought foods to be adequate but stick to the major brands. If your puppy develops loose stools you may have to change brands.

Right after play and after a puppy eats is a good time to train your puppy on where you want him to go. It takes repetition and patience to paper train or train him to go outside. Taking your puppy for short walks will help him understand what you want of him. Make sure you take a bag to pick up any droppings.

Play time is crucial in a puppies development. Set aside a time to play with your puppy. Some doggy toys excite them and they enjoy playing with you. This is an important time that puppies begin to bond with their owners.

Whatever you allow your puppy to do will be carried over into his adult life. If you allow him on the furniture it will be more difficult to try and keep him off when he is older. The same goes with jumping on people. Whatever you think is cute now may not be cute when he is older especially if you have a large breed. Any bad habits he learns as a puppy will be carried over into his adult life so make sure its something you will allow.

His overall growth and development depends so much on you. These tips should help you have many rewarding years with your dog.